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We are Elite and we are Trainee masters of Self. With emmanation, creation, formation and action, we will be forever transforming beings through the all.

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All images shown are examples of work we produce . We are constantly creating and updating our range, and some items shown may have already sold, therefore please contact us if you would like to order something you have seen or would like us to create something to your own specifications


Chess sets


Our completely unique range of handcrafted chess sets are a reflection of our style of carving and again celebrate our ancestors of old. It encorporates the themes of emmanation, creation formation and action seen on our totem pole in Alexandra Palace in North London and serves to remind us the ever transforming power of within.


The induvidual pieces


The Castle- (protection) recognisable by the turrets on his headpiece


The Bishop (emmanation) noticeable by his warrior skullcap the thought behind anything we do)


The Queen (creation)- the mother, once the thought has been emanated we now are creators.


The King (formation) with beard and crown . The king symbolises the creation of something coming into formation and the knowledge we must hold to achieve this


The Knight (action and protection)- Once we have all the other elements we can now take action




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