We are Elite and we are Trainee masters of Self. With emmanation, creation, formation and action, we will be forever transforming beings through the all.





Hand crafted creations where ancient survival meets modern art


Our Tribe Life creations range is a celebration of our ancestors of old transformed for a new generation.

We challenge ourselves to learn new techniques and create items which help us to physically and mentally transform, generating new energies which we hope all those who purchase our products will be able to feel.

Wherever possible we recycle materials to create new items as well as incorporate our local community by running projects where others can join us on the journey of inner transformation.

The items we sell help to fund our projects which over the past 7 years have included 12 fist training sessions, childrens after school and summer camps. Mentoring sessions, labour force work teams, trips and learning of ancient self outings. Back to basics crafting sessions, and the creation our Totem Pole in the grounds of Alexandra Palace (pictured).


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